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Thread: LC - cannot finish Mars Spaceport level!

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    ARRGH took me foreve to finish this mission... and now I am at the spaceport, defenses destroyed and no way to finish the level! (noooo)

    For some reason I think it glitched cuz I only have the professor the whole game. Ariah and Lynn are not here anywhere!

    The objectives tell me to "capture a shuttle with Lynn"....

    !!! what the hay is going on and did anyone else have this problem?

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    You should have Ariah and Lynn, or the mission would have automatically failed... are you sure you didn't load them into vehicles? Click their icons on the left side of your screen and you should select them, wherever they are. If they are inside vehicles, pressing "E" will make them exit.
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    Also if you want to focus on them, hit alt+F, with just one unit selected, and you can put the camera on auto-follow. Very nice feature, I've lost my hero's on more then one occasion, and this little thing made it really easy. Definitely better then telling them to walk somewhere, and then waiting 2-10 minutes for them to appear in that location...
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    Hold fire and Hold position came in real handy on this one. Reloading restarting constantly and having to reset them all to those got old.

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    The acid plasma grenade for Ariah also comes in handy. You can get it from the southern base where you steal the first group of tanks.
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    As seen in the other section about sceneros where this should have been anyway,

    I'll provide a HINT, a proper hint I hope it does not spoil your Enginuity.

    This mission is DESPERATE, YOU have to GET TO THE moon base as fast as you can with the least if any loses.

    THINK ......

    (that is all as you were soldier)

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    Default Re: LC - cannot finish Mars Spaceport level!

    damn it's hard to find a walkthrough on the internet for this game.
    the secret is at 1st vehicule depot
    2 strange units called "crions" i believe.
    they're mobile artillery units.
    man them, make them levitate, move them, drop them and they'll blow up every building in site easy

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