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Thread: Underground locations and Beaver Kettle Cave

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    So I started a thread a few days ago wondering if anyone has visited all of the locations and all of the underground locations. Apparently no one here has? Anyway, I think I may have found out why I'm unable to finish these achievements. They are my last 2 and they have become almost unbearable. But I digress, There is a cave located north of the 2 islands by Ashos on a mountain range (according to the topography). It is called Beaver Kettle Cave. Every time I try to enter this cave I get teleported to a shrine located on the shore pretty far away from the actual cave. I have tried to enter this cave numerous times with the same outcome. Could this be a glitch in the game?

    Moving on, I have found 50 underground caves and somewhere around 3-5 above ground caves (which don't count towards the achievements anyway). If someone has found all of these underground locations could you please post how many there are? I'd at least like to know how close I am to completing this before I shelf this game (waiting for the MP to get fixed, if it does). I checked the map in the link that Baskaboy (?) posted and I believe I've been everywhere on it. It's not exactly accurate.

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    To answer my own question...

    After doing some more digging it seems that you cannot get the "Visit all Locations" nor the "Visit all Underground Locations" achievements. The most achievement points you can get in the game at this point is 930. Beaver Kettle Cave is the problem. I didn't label this "Spoiler" because I don't consider it to be a spoiler. But I do think that people should know that until this cave's problem is fixed you won't get these 2 achievements. Which I find quite funny that a game is released and passes MS's "stringent certification process" and something that MS pimps themselves is unattainable in the game. I can understand glitches and what not, every game released has problems. But I've never seen one where all achievements weren't possible.

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    Ummm....sorry for reviving this old thread, but is there any news on the whether this cave that teleports you to a shrine is going to be fixed anytime soon?

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    Not that I know of. I just asked in the patch 1.6 thread. It's really pissing me off, since all I have left to do now is find the last 2 graveyards (have them on a map) and get into this cave and I should get the 1000. It's pissing me off because I will have absolutely no time to do this soon. Oh well.
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    Well you still won't get the locations achievement anyway as when I've visited some shrines they haven't counted as being discovered.
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