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Thread: How to fix lag problems

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    Not all lag problems are caused by server.while many peoples computer may meet minimum system requirements, they may not meet the maximum recomened requirerments(which is needed to take full advantage of all of the games grapgics features).for people(like me) with this type system,you must sacrifice some of the graphics game settings,in graphics,try lower settings for resolution,details level,hdr intensity,textures quality.also turn off shadows,reflection on water,and depth of feild(these lower settings will also give you the added advantage of makeing plants in the country side stand out more making them easyer to find).to improve control of movement of your toon,in interface adjust camera seNsitivity.a higher setting will allow you to make shaRper/tighter turns.also turn off hardware cursor to improve cursor control.after a few times makeing these adjustments you will find the settings that work best for your system and allow more enjoyment in game play.oy

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    Nice tips

    I used to play with the settings maxed, it looked nice for a while but the frames skipped too much, in the end performance is more enjoyable just as you said. I don't know if any of video settings effect MP server lag though.


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