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Thread: TW2 all I have to say is "can't stop playing."

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    Default TW2 all I have to say is "can't stop playing."

    I'm not a hard core gamer, but this game pulled me in and won't let me go. Is it the quests or building my weapon or the butt kicking we can do. I don't know. Yeah I am still on the first chapter doing a few side quests about to walk into the tower. But this game just has me by the throat and orders me to finish the game, then the next quest. I think I rode the horse maybe a 1/2 hour of the 9 hours i played so far. Yes it will take me a long time to get to the end. I keep telling my self just 1 more side quest then i will go on with the main story...wait one more side to do this one. To tell the truth i figure i would have to cheat to build my weapon up. but I didn't have to I was so lucky. I just kept remodeling it so the hit damage will be higher. went from 16 damage to almost 300 damage and a lot of help from crystals.

    Let just say I don't have to pick locks any more, just bash the crap out of them till they break. To any one who is on the fence about buying this game. Can't say if you should buy it or not but if this game doesn't pull you in and make you play it then this game just isn't for you.

    I will say this online isn't all that good. its more of a waste of time. It seems. the single player game is well worth it. Keep your eyes open, you can find it for about 30 bucks. I did. and more then happy with this game and all its quests and creatures and people i have to kill.

    Ok one thing that does bug me...having to make a choice of who to let live and who to kill. The only bad thing it doesn't ask if you are sure about your choice if you may change your mind in that last second.

    Well i better get back to my sword have to make level 36 so i can get that sword with 400 damage so can build it up to 600, I have a few crystals i can forge to it.

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    Default Re: TW2 all I have to say is "can't stop playing."

    Despite claims. Two Worlds 2 is content heavy. Yeah, sure the world is smaller than the first but the quests are more interesting, detailed and better and actually provide more content than the first game.


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