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Thread: Game Over Already ?

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    Unglücklich Game Over Already ?

    I've been playing the Eurasian Dynasty campaign (it isn't as hard as everyone says) , and , I just did India , from there I got 100,000 or so credits for the Exodus , now all I need is 80,000 more , yet in my Main Base I have about 90,000 , if I want I can finish the game right now .

    Really ? Shouldn't the game go a bit more further , I mean , I haven't even got to the desert missions , or maybe I should have went a bit more slowly on the resources for Exodus . How many missions go beyond India ?

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    Default Re: Game Over Already ?

    yap that was kinda fast hehe, i dont know if its about the resouces , maybe it is... would like to that also..


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